Maria Christofi

Maria Christofi: co-founder

Born in Cyprus in 1989, Maria holds a batchelor's and a master's degree in architecture and cognitive architecture, respectively. Ηer passion for social contribution is the catalyst behind Save Madagascar and other acts. Maria was the main organizer of the project "Wine a Wish", the honorarium of which offered to the "Make a Wish" foundation. She also organized art therapy sessions for young mothers when she was president of the "Colour Group" of Cyprus. More recently Maria has focused her efforts on projects concerning third-world countries. She designs structures and buildings in support of locals' needs as a volunteer. ​Her vision through design is to find solutions to alleviate poverty by meeting immediate needs and creating opportunities for empowerment.

Stelios Stylianou

Stelios Stylianou: co-founder

Stelios Stylianou was born in Cyprus in 1985, he lives and works in Cyprus and collaborates with StyliArt studio in Greece. Stelios is an hagiographer and photographer, working specifically within the field of landscape, social and informative photography. He has focused on projects concerning humanities, and in 2019 he made the connection between Metropolitan Prodromos of 'Toliara and South Madagascar' and the Save Madagascar movement. In the last ten years, he has contributed with his work and as the curator, in multiple charity exhibitions such as "With the color of Love" and "A hug full of Colours", where sales help kids with autism and children under state protection, respectively. Since he believes that we rise by only lifting others he has always been involved with charities and volunteering.

Konstantinos Stylianou

Konstantinos Stylianou: member

Konstantinos Stylianou was born in Cyprus in 1987. He is a theologist, conservator of antiquities / works of art, photographer and hagiographer, responsible for the promotion of the acts of the team. He lives and works in Greece on his StyliArt studio and has collaborators in multiple countries. Trying to offer to those that actually need it, in 2014 Konstantinos started offering hagiography lessons as a volunteer, and in 2017 he organized an individual session of hagiography lessons in Indonesia. In parallel, he spent three years in Germany offering his duty to the local "Orthodox Mission Fraternity" in "Evaggelistis Marcos".

Charalambos Rossides

Harry Rossides: member

Born in Cyprus in 1989, Harry (Charalambos) is a computer engineer helping with the technical needs of the team. Being a caring and supportive person, Harry has been one of the first members to join ETEA rescue units Cyprus. Harry was one of the members to support the wildfire fighting teams in Grammaticos, Greece, 2014. Always being willing and available to help those in need, Harry would never refuse to offer a hand of help.