January 2021

Orphanage in Mananjary

Travelling to South Madagascar, many contrasting images and unimaginable realities grasp your attention. It is, however, impossible to comprehent how a mother can give birt to a pair of twins and send her second child for slautering! In Mananjary village, a rare genetic disorder causes an increased rate of twins to be born. Due to a lack of proper education and basic knowledge of biology, the tribe believes that the second child is possessed. As such, the pregnant women are forced to go through with the labor of both children, so that the second baby is identified upon birth. The newborn is then taken to slauter for the tribe’s expiation.

Thus, we set our new goal, to build a prototype orphanage, within a restricted area. It will provide a safe and secure environment, where children, who would otherwise be killed as a result of being the second twin, can live and get education without fear for their lives. The orphanage complex will include a school, a clinic, a sports field and an activity centre where the children can get in touch with the land and nature.

Gogetfunding campaign:

Construction time is estimated at around a year, since the bricks have to be manufactured on site with local soil. The total costs are around 100 thousand euros, which iclude sourcing of the building materials and a salary for two builders who are permanently employed by our movement.

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