It's time to stop talking about awareness and inspiration, it's time to do something!
- Manoj Bhargava

The problem:

Settlements in South Madagascar lack basic services, including clean water, schools and hospitals. Established slums are remote (three days driving), which makes access to basic services exceedingly difficult. When it comes to basic education, schools are only accessible to kids that live close-by, unless there is a dormitory in place.

That's where we begin. We need your help to complete an ongoing venture, to build dormitories for 52 school students at Toliara (capital of Metropolis of South Madagascar).

Who we are:

Save Madagascar is a charitable movement that began in February 2019 by young Cypriot volunteers. We work in support of the efforts made by Metropolitan Prodromos of 'Toliara and South Madagascar', to improve the local quality of life. As a group of technically specialised (engineers, artists) and highly motivated individuals, we provide our expertiese to enable and support local actions at Toliara, South Madagascar. Through these actions, we aim to facilitate fundraising, design and building of crucial infrastructure, including schools, dormitories, and hospitals.

A bit of history:

Our work started in 2019, when we set out to build the metropolitan church of Toliara (capital of Metropolis of South Madagascar). Within a year, we managed to collect funding from individual donators and complete the build and registration of the local metropolis. As a legal entity, the metropolis is entitled to buy, build new and convert existing buildings for charitable purposes. This allowed converting informal squatter settlements and slums to a formal built center for Toliara.

The first project was the build of a church with a hand pump well for freshwater. In the churchyard, we are now designing dormitories with a capacity for 52 school students. These will temporarily host students from remote areas, providing access to education that is not possible otherwise.

Current backing goal:

That's why we are asking for your help now. We have recently completed the architectural plans and estimated the project costs at €20,000. This is mainly for building materials and logistics costs, as the actual construction will be undertaken by volunteers like ourselves.

See how you can help by:

Donating for our currently running fundraising campaign. Fundraising campaign.
Sharing our story on facebook and on instagram

Looking into the future:

We aim to create cores of services in Toliara and other points of interest in South Madagascar. Right next comes another project to design and build an obstetric hospital. We have already bought the land and we are planning to proceed right after the dormitories.

We believe we can change the future of the unfortunate at Toliara, providing opportunities for a better life through education, better healthcare, and clean water. Yet, this requires action.

Or rather, many, many small actions, from individuals like you and me!
Would you join in? Every little helps!