It's time to stop talking about awareness and inspiration, it's time to do something!
- Manoj Bhargava


Settlements in South Madagascar lack basic services, including clean water, schools and hospitals. Established slums are remote (three days driving), which makes access to basic services exceedingly difficult. When it comes to basic education, schools are only accessible to kids that live close-by, unless there is a dormitory in place.

Who we are:

Save Madagascar is a charitable movement that began in February 2019 by young Cypriot volunteers. As a group of technically specialised (engineers, artists) and highly motivated individuals, we provide our expertiese to enable and support local actions at Toliara, South Madagascar. Through these actions, we aim to facilitate fundraising, design and building of crucial infrastructure, including schools, dormitories, and hospitals.

Save Madagascar is not only focusing on construction projects, but it also fights for social issues, human rights, and supports legal actions of Madagascarians within the country. We build safe zones around water sources, adjusting for the individual needs of every project, in order to provide support for the basic human needs.

Current action:

January 2021

Travelling to South Madagascar, many contrasting images and unimaginable realities grasp your attention. It is, however, impossible to comprehent how a mother can give birt to a pair of twins and send her second child for slautering! In Mananjary village, a rare genetic disorder causes an increas...
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