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January 2021

Travelling to South Madagascar, many contrasting images and unimaginable realities grasp your attention. It is, however, impossible to comprehent how a mother can give birt to a pair of twins and send her second child for slautering! In Mananjary village, a rare genetic disorder causes an increas...
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Our friend and supporter, the jewelry designer Katerina Melio created a piece of art just for the movement. Silver or gold plated is a lovely piece of jewelry. Please, anyone who would like to buy the jewelry, contributing this way to the economic support of our new project, “An Orphanage in Mana... Read more

February 2021

Dear friends, The 13th of February was a milestone date for our charitable movement. The marking of our 2-year anniversary had us looking back and celebrating along with all of you. Today we would like to say that sometimes we must look outside our own backyards to realize how big the world is a... Read more
1000 “thank you” to the first 1000 members! Let’s become millions. Follow and share our facebook page, call your firends, we can only do it together! Save Madagascar Read more
We want to say a big thank you for your support! After a year of hard work, meticulous planning, and preparation, we went online a week ago when we launched our first fundraising campaign. Your response was overwhelming, with people rushing from all over the world to support us in solving the u... Read more


The dormitories project: Construction is almost done! Your dedication, your support, and your donations have been of tremendous help. Let the world know you made the construction of the dormitories happen. The final countdown has started, and we are sharing some pictures of the project you have ... Read more
The dormitories project: A worldwide embracement that makes it come true! While approximately 650 days of the individual offering were spent to date, it was just 100 days that make the difference. A hundred days of team offering makes another goal of the Save Madagascar Foundation come true. You... Read more
A challenging location Fighting poverty and the lack of basic needs, makes a charity’s work at a location such as South Madagascar, particularly difficult. The challenges become even more difficult to overcome due to the local particularities (lack of materials, reduced number of material choice... Read more
As a legal entity, the metropolis is entitled to buy, build new, and convert existing buildings for charitable purposes. This made the building of the metropolitan church of Toliara our first milestone in our journey to complete a set of infrastructure buildings in the vicinity. Within a year, w... Read more

February 2019

Thousands of people die each year in South Madagascar from waterborne diseases. Direct access to clean water could significantly reduce mortality due to water-related illness. In South Madagascar, access to clean water is so remote that it becomes possible only through long-distance walks, which ... Read more