December 2020

Dormitories for 52 children in Toliara

A challenging location

Fighting poverty and the lack of basic needs, makes a charity’s work at a location such as South Madagascar, particularly difficult. The challenges become even more difficult to overcome due to the local particularities (lack of materials, reduced number of material choices etc.).

Our plan to build a dormitory complex will solve a crucial problem in the vicinity of Toliara. It will enable children to relocate close to the local school, providing access to basic education to 52 children who live far away.


We designed the dormitory complex respecting the local building practices. Moreover, the design is such that its functionality within the local school and an incorporated restaurant is enhanced.

The plan took into account the limited building capabilities and the scarcity of the building materials in the greater area of Toliara. The final design respects the local way of living while adopting European standards and building approaches.


The dormitories placement was chosen at a location that has been previously legally allocated via prior projects, particularly the metropolitan church of Toliara and the water pump well we completed in the past. Our prior experience with the building materials of these projects was infused in the design of the dormitories, which are also carefully placed close to the local school for easy access. The small community that has been developing around the church and the well we built in the past is also a greatly conductive factor for the dormitories in the vicinity.

In practice

Our current project revolves around the raising of funds to make the dormitories a reality. This project will provide access to education and an opportunity to become members of the developing community to 52 less privileged children. It will solve the need for 3-day-long journies to access the school, by providing accommodation, clean water, food and basic healthcare.

To this end, we are running a fundraising campaign through the online platform gogetfunding. A total of only € 20,000 is enough for this project. Your support was touching from day one, people from allover the world responded to our called within the first week. One month later we reached 25%, taking a step closer to our goal.

You can help us give some hope to the children of South Madagascar! Every little helps.